About Us

The Holding Hands website was developed to share knowledge, support and latest information from around the world on education and technology for children and adults with Visual Impairment, Associated Disabilities including Deafblindness. The site is especially designed keeping in mind the needs of people and programs from the developing nations. Many a times we face challenges in getting the appropriate services, tools and other resources for our children. Many a times, we are unsure about our strategies and its outcomes. Hence, all this lead to the idea of creating a platform where all of us can share and learn ways to do the best we can with the best available resources for our children and adults with special needs.


Our Vision

To create a positive network of people in order to raise awareness as well as contribute to support and improve the lives of persons with disabilities.

We hope that this site will prove useful for many parents, educators and other rehab professionals who are seeking solutions and wish to share their knowledge with others. As Helen Keller rightly said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.¬†
Please contact if you would like to join or learn more about us.